About Marloes

Hi! "Happy, Sporty, Blondie" does my profile say on Twitter. And I am :-). I'm 34 years old (but it feels like 28), I work as a social media manager at Fresh Bridge and I'm living a happy life with the cutest girl and daughter Robin (4) en my little hero Bowis (0). I love being active in many ways. Work hard, Feel great is my motto or mojo ;-). Three years ago I started my own Bootcamp Company SportHeroes, I love teaching/taking classes with high impact and always want to work my ass off. Everyone should feel like I do when I exercise. So that's the message I want to send into the world. So why not write about it and let as many people know that exercise makes you a better (and healthier) person? I hope my blog will motivates you, gives you energy, makes you laugh and inspire you to be the best you can be. 

Thanks for the Energy
When I teached the Les Mills class BodyCombat, there was a great song in BodyCombat 34 that brought a lot of energy in me and my class. The lyrics where "Thanks for the memories" but because of the energetic vibes and the powerful moves I changed it to "Thanks for the Energy". Eventually, the song brought me good memories because I loved teaching Bodycombat. With all the energy I have, sharing it with others and getting plenty in return from all people around me, this lyric (and song) came up as soon as I was looking for a name for my blog. So let's dance (do some combat) and sing as loud as you can: "Thanks for the Energy".

I Like
Being outside, eating chocolate and cupcakes (or any cake), dancing, boyfriend jeans, colours, spending time with friends, my Sonos sound system and Spotify, go the beach, spending money on the newest sportwear, sneakers, playtime with my girl Robin, sunshine, strawberry tiramisu, tights with prints, go to a spa with my boyfriend, hawaii flowers, mojito's, M&M's, blogging, go to bed early, sunday mornings, running when it's hot, white sandy beaches, fruit and many many other things

I Love
I love... writing about what inspires me, being creative, getting online, bringing energy to others, staying positive, daring myself to give more, jumping to the next level, make myself strong and NFTBA!

High Five!

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